Heist on the Cape May to Lewes Delaware  Ferry

At 8:50 PM, sharp, Captain Hendricks had his crew cast off the lines holding the ferry to the dock and gave two short blasts from the boat’s horn to indicate they were about to get underway for the trip from Cape May to Lewes Delaware. It was the last trip of the day and Captain Hendricks looked forward to his arriving home for light dinner and early retirement to bed. He would turn 65 years old in July, only a month away, and for amusement he began to count the trips he had remaining having no idea that this was his last trip or of the drama that was to unfold around him in just 30 minutes. Other than occasional rough seas, every trip across the mouth of the bay was routine.

Two days earlier Jason and Dustin had arrived at Philadelphia Airport and rented a car that Jason drove to Alloway Creek, New Jersey. There, they met up with old John at his house. Old John lived alone except for his dog, Benji, a former stray. Although John made some effort to keep his place neat it still gave a ramshackled appearance in spite of John's efforts. The three  bedroom flat had had needed new paint for years. Several shingles were missing from the roof, tossed aside by the New Jersey winds. The one noisy air conditioner was a window unit in John’s bedroom. John had a few TV dinners and a refrigerator filled with beer that he'd stocked the previous day.

 The brick of cheap chedder cheese was always left out on the counter and never refrigerated. To do so was in John's opinion a sacriledge, like stirring spaghetti sauce with a metal spoon.

""Hey, great to see you boys", John offered. ""Grab yourselves a couple of beers."" The house was hot and stuffy, but thankfully the Sam Adams beer was cold. ""Have you boys eaten? I've a few TV dinners in the fridge if you're hungry, or we can whip up some pasta and gravey." A glance into John's kitchen didn't inspire confidence in the safety of the food.

Jason and Dustin hastily declined. Dustin explained they'd eaten at a McDonalds on the way in.

They seated to drink their beers and John nodded towards Benji. "He's a good dog. Had him a year now. Poor thing was starving when I found him in the yard. He likes the normal dog food, but has also taken a liking to Cheerios. Since we may be gone for a few days I've asked a neighbor to look after him. "

As they seated to drink their beers Dustin asked how much money the Brinks might be carrying. Jason patted Benji as John explained the heist.

John fired up a Parodi cigar and replied, ""I'm not sure, of course. But it's likely in the range of $300,000 to over a million dollars counting everything. Historically, not many Brinks trucks have been knocked off. There was a case back in 1950 up in Boston. An eleven man gang led by Tony fats Pino made off with over one million in cash plus another million and a half in checks, money orders, and other securities. Unfortunately, all were caught and served prison time. However, most of the money was never recovered despite the FBI's investigations."

"FBI, fuckin bastard insects, Dustin scowled.  

Jason requested John to describe the ferry and John described what he knew. "The Delaware River and Bay Authority manage the ferry between Cape May, New Jersey and Lewes, Delaware. The ferry departs from Cape May daily between the hours of 7:30 am and 8:00 pm in the summers. And the cruise south from Cape May to Delaware is 17 miles and takes 80 minutes. The ferry can carry up to 100 cars and 1000 passengers. The ferry's second deck has a food court and a gift shop. Most passengers are in those areas during the cruise. The boat captain and bridge are at the top of the boat."On the upper deck was an indoor and outdoor bar where most adult passangers would probably be, enjoying the sunset over a drink or two."

John continued, sharing insider information he had gotten on various Brinks routes; ""There's a shipment of cash Brinks is making from Cape May this coming Friday. It will be on the last ferry boat run from Cape May to Lewes Delaware. About 30 minutes into the run the ferry will be near mid-point and the Brinks will be ripe for the picking. On the ferry trip there are only a couple of workers on the vehicle deck. Most of the crew will be on the third or fourth level. You guys get the money from the truck, stop the progress of the ferry and I will rendezvous with you via a boat a friend is lending me. "

John got up from his chair and began walking to his bedroom. "I've taken the ferry a few times and was able to take photographs of most of it. I've got them in the bedroom, be right back." After Jason and Dustin had viewed John's photos

John continued. He shared insider information he had gotten on various Brinks routes. Where he got the information Jason didn't know, and he also knew John didn't want him to know. There was really no need for him to know.

"Sounds good," Jason said.

"This information," John said as he stabbed the air with his cigar, "will cost us 20 large when the job is done. That ok with you boys?"

Jason and Dustin both nodded.

"The boat is in Mauricetown," John continued, "near East Point. It's a Maverick, small at 17 feet, but fast enough and good for shallow water that we will need when we get close to shore.

" I'll come down the Delaware River and get you and the cash. Then we head back up the Delaware Bay to East Point and once there take the Marurice River to where my truck will be parked. We'll hide the boat, drive a few miles from the drop off point, and stay the night while every cop in kingdom come is looking for us, and drive off the next morning." John felt a strong sense of pride at having figured all this out. For the first time in years he felt part of something, something like a real family.

Jason offered, ""The Coast Guard will be patrolling in force after the heist. How to we keep them from spotting the boat once its beached?"

""The boat weighs 840 pounds dry so we won't be able to get it up on dry land very far even with a tow from my truck that I'll have positioned close to the arrival point. I think we can pull the boat far back enough from the water and cover it with enough salt grass to hide it. The area along the Delaware near East Point is not well patrolled by cops and there are also a lot of old logging roads that run through the pine barrens, so we'll almost be invisible in the dark. We should be safe at my place for the night and can use my truck to leave New Jersey the next day."

Dustin voiced his own worries, ""We'll have to disable the ferry's radio first before we do anything else. Once we make that move, we're ‘hot’. The Captain and any of the crew or passengers that see suspicious activity may try to interfere. Actually, it's worse than that. Even with the radio disabled someone is going to call 911 on their cell phone."

Jason's heart did a 180 in his chest. He'd forgotten all about cell phones and the fact that anyone could make a 911 call at anytime. "Ahh, fucking cell phones," he said."

John smiled at their concern, as if he held some kind of secret like a treasure.

""I'd thought of that and asked Walt, an acquaintance of mine, if I could buy his cell phone jammer that he's delivering here tomorrow. It's not a factory made jammer, but something he cobbled together similar to a scaled down TRJ-89. Walt hates cell phones and the people that abuse them, which is almost everyone. He ranted to me for half an hour how only empty heads use them to babble gibberish no matter where you go. He likened cell phones to a social disease, impossible to avoid and the complete ruination of privacy. Walt used the jammer around his house and he sometimes drove it around in his car, disrupting all cell phone calls in Mauricetown. He told me he didn't want to risk using it anymore and I got it for $500.00."

"Well worth it," Dustin interjected.

"He'd been warned by a guy he knows in the FCC to quit using it. The FCC jerks had triangulated the jammer to within a few blocks of his home before he found out they were close to catching him. The guy that warned him is a college kid that worked for FCC a few summers ago and got wind of their trying to track it down. Cell phone jammers are illegal and Walt had gotten his neighbors in a tizzy making all kinds of complaints to the cell phone service companies. He would randomly turn on the jammer for 15 or 20 minutes a day that interfered with cell phones for around 2 miles from his house.""

Jason had no idea such a device even existed.""Is it a big unit? How do we get it to the ferry? Or do we leave it turned on in the car after we park it to board?""

John's smile was so wide it looked like he was about to divide in two. "Get another beer and I'll explain what I have worked out. Please bring Dustin and me another too." He was thrilled beyond measure to be such a big part of the heist.

As the men sipped their beers, John explained. ""The things just a little bigger than a lap top and can run off a 12 volt car battery. We just need to plug it in at the dash."

John took two long swallows of his Sam Adams.

""I made a purchase of a car, stolen of course, from some local hoodlums running a racket in Mauricetown. I think they are connected to the Atlantic City mob. Last week at a bar in town I slipped the bartender $200 and asked if he knew where I might be able to pick up a used’ car. The bartender told me he knew a guy and his brother that run a auto repair shop as a front, but what they are mostly doing is convert stolen cars from out of state and sell them to their pals in the Mafia here. They are used once for a job and then discarded."

This was news to Jason who assumed they'd just drive the rental car on board .

"The bartender told me to wait there on the bar stool and about 20 minutes later a big, burly gruff guy in a jogging suit came and sat next to me. His name was Bud and told me he'd heard I was in the market for a car. I told him I was, to which he asked my price range, color, need for bogus plates, and other details"

""I told Bud the color didn't matter and that I would need the license plates. We negotiated price and settled $8000 for the car, with $500 extra for the plates. He said plates he had weren't hot’, but they wouldn't match anything on record either, and if I got caught speeding or failing to signal a turn, it would be over.""

"You'd be cuffed and taken to a holding cell," Dustin chimed in.

""Bud told me to meet him back at the bar, same time, on the following day. He took $2000 as an advance and said if I had the rest of the money when we met again he'd produce the car and I could take it.""

"The next day when I arrived at the bar Bud was already in the lot waiting for me. He was sitting in the black Honda you saw here when you pulled into my place. As I gave him the balance Bud said, ‘'Listen Pops. If you get caught with this you just can't remember where you got it, hard as you try. As of now you have a total memory loss, poor guy. Your making fibs to the cops, like you bought it from me for example, wouldn't be at all smart. Fibs like that get people dead. I've got a lot of pals here on the outside and even more pals on the inside, if you get my drift.'"

" He took me out back where some mobbed-up looking guys were waiting around. It was clear that the knew him. It was even more clear I was no match for them.

Jason grinned with appreciation for John's work, "Not bad for an old man." So we drive the car onto the ferry and switch on the jammer just before we start any action. I assume we will get the guns on board the ferry using the car too?""

John replied, "" That would be the safest way.. There are one or two cops down at the loading area. When you buy your ticket the ticket master checks for a license with a photo ID Then, as you are driving the car onto the ramp the cops scan the ticket. They don't bother with registrations unless they suspect a stolen car. They might take a quick look in the car looking for anything suspicious, but they are fairly lackadaisical about all of it, just putting in their time, wanting to get out of there and go home. The timing of the Brinks on the last ferry run couldn't have worked out better."

""And yes, Jason, I know you don't want live ammunition. But, I'll tell you we'd be a lot safer with it. Those Brinks guards have handguns and shotguns."

Jason saw John’s logic, but was not swayed. "I know John. But we can't risk hurting anyone. Besides, the guns are real and the blanks sound real enough if we have to use them. I hope we don't, because everyone on board will know of a problem, and some fool may have a gun with real bullets and want to interfere. We'll shoot the blanks only as a desperate last resort."

The 3 talked into the early morning hours making plans for robbing the Brinks truck. On Thursday morning Jason returned the rental car they'd used to drive down from Philadelphia airport and rode back in John's pick-up. While they were gone John's acquaintance, Walt, came over to John's with the cell phone blocker. Dustin met Walt, paid him the $500.00 promised by John for the unit and the two chatted a while over some beer. Returning to the house John placed 3 machetes in the back of his pick-up truck. Then the crew drove over to Mauricetown in the truck to pick up the Maverick boat John's friend, Bob, had offered to lend.

Bob had the boat out on the driveway as the crew pulled up. Bob showed the crew the life jackets and the fishing rods he had placed in the boat, saying, "It’s a great boat for fishing."

John thanked Bob for the loan of the boat. While Dustin and John practiced casting the rods over the front lawn Jason motioned Bob over to one side of the boat.

""There's a possibility we may want to buy your boat. Any ideas what you would want for it?""

Bob wrinkled up his nose as he thought about it. ""I really like this boat and hadn't thought of selling it. If I were to let it go I'd want something like $20,000 for it."

Jason pretended to considerer that for a moment. ""Tell you what. If we decide to buy it, would you take $25,000?"

Bob smiled, ‘"In a heart-beat!""

Jason then said, ""Ok Bob. But I have a condition, it's a very important condition and I can't get into the reasons for it. It's better you don't know anyway. If we don't return your boat in, say, a week it means we have decided to buy it. In that case I'll Fed Ex you the $25,000 in cash, Two hundred and fifty 100 dollar bills. The cops might come around before the week is up asking you a bunch of questions. If they do, you tell them the boat was stolen. You don't know anything. We were never here. You never lent it to anybody. You do that and we have a deal."Understand? No matter what or who asks, the boat was stolen. You got that?"

Bob looked a little worried, but agreed with Jason's terms. "Will you or John tell me later what this is about?""

Jason smiled and cryptically said, "No, but you’ll figure it all out by yourself. We're using it to resuce a princess, ok?"" Then Jason and Dustin hitched up the boat trailer to the truck and with John driving they headed for the pine barrens.

The guys found a shallow swampy region where they offloaded the boat. Dustin tied the boat to a knurled tree near the water' s edge. John carefully marked the coordinates in his portable GPS unit. Then the three of them cut salt grass to hide the boat.

They arrived back at John' s house at 1:00 that afternoon and bagged food and supplies they would need for their stay in the pine barrens overnight following the heist.

On Friday the crew went over the plans once more, checking and rechecking the good coordination the heist demanded. Jason would intercept the Brinks driver, probably in the ferry food court and take him down to the lower  deck to unlock the truck. Simultaneously, Dustin would head up to the bridge with his primary mission of disabling the radio. He would then threaten to kill the captain if the captain left the bridge or made any attempt to get help. Then, Dustin would return below to help Jason handle the cash which they suspected and hoped would be fairly heavy. John was to arrive at the ferry at 8:40, plus or minus a few minutes. The three would load the cash onto the boat and make their escape.

By early afternoon, satisfied their plans were as good as possible the three ate after which John and Jason rested up for what promised to be a long night. Dustin was too wired to nap and asked John for the keys to his truck.

Dustin was gone for an hour and returned with a bag and a big grin. Jason awoke as the screen door slammed shut, saw Dustin, and asked him what he had in the bag.

"I got the clothes line we talked about". Dustin began to laugh. "I also got these!", and he pulled out a Popeye mask that he handed to Jason, and then a Bluto mask for himself. "Since we will be on the high seas we might as well have a little fun with it."

Jason was quietly amused and smiled slightly. He was annoyed for having been woken up, but enjoyed Dustin’s enthusiasm. Finally, he asked, "No mask for John?"

"Nah, Dustin smirked. John’s real face is mask enough, all skin and bones, he already looks like the friggin grim reaper!"

Jason felt his short fuse burning and turned his head, decided that John was likely still sleeping, and was comforted that his friend John had not heard Dustin's remark even though it was made in fun. Jason was sensitive to his friend's feelings and said, ""Old John is getting up there. I worry his leukemia might be coming back. The man has sure put a lot of thought and energy into this Brinks heist. I think we need to respect that.""

Dustin looked a little sheepish and said, "You're right, Jason. I meant no harm. I don't want to hurt the old boy's feelings. Hey, I got you this corn cob pipe to go with your mask!"

Jason laughed as Dustin handed him the plastic pipe saying, "Yes, we will have fun, all three of us."

At 7:00 pm Friday evening John climbed into his truck now loaded with all the provisions they would need following the heist Jason reminded John to move the GPS unit to the Maverick before his run to the ferry. Old John smiled, said he had it covered, and to enjoy the action. Even though John shouldn't need it he wore a shoulder holster with his Walther P99, a German semi-automatic pistol loaded with blanks. A light Spring jacket concealed the weapon.

Dustin and Jason climbed into old John's used’Honda. They each had placed a 9mm Grandpower K100 into a bag in back seat of the Honda. After purchasing the ferry ticket they would wear the guns, also in shoulder holsters. They also had light jackets tossed onto the back seat they would use to conceal the weapons along with the Popeye and Bruno masks.

John reached the location of the boat without incident. He parked the truck about 100 yards back away from the boat on one of the long winding logging roads. He stayed close to the boat and after what seemed like an eternity began removing the salt grass from the boat at 7:45 . He pushed off the boat at 7;50 and noted with satisfaction he still had 50 minutes until the rendezvous with the ferry at 8:40. The ferry would be moving close to 15 knots and John's boat was over twice as fast. The calculations Jason had done gave John a five minute leeway. He could slow down the boat as he approached the ferry to make a near perfect interception. He passed a few boaters on the trip south to the ferry, not waving or calling any attention to himself. One boat was a Coast Guard cruiser he saw in the distance, but it paid him no attention. It appeared to be on a training exercise. Still, its mere presence gave John the jitters. It was a fast vessell. John knew it was crucial that Dustin and Jason disable all

communications from the ferry.

Jason pulled the car into the parking area at the end of Route 9 and up to the ticket booth. at 7:25 pm. He smiled as he handed his credit card and driver's liscense to a weary looking woman who took them. "Guess you're ready to go home," Jason said.

"You bet I am," she said, as she swiped the card. "This job gets old." She barely glanced at his liscence before handing it back along with the card." Her demeanor reflected the tiresome and almost pointless nature of her job which served only to pay the rent. "Drive on up lane 10 and take your place in line. Have a nice cruise across the bay. It's a nice evening for it."

Jason thanked the woman and slowly drove the car to his designated waiting point behind a minivan;There were two cars ahead of him and as he sat waiting to be loaded he counted 13 other cars already loaded onto the ferry. And, as John had predicted, there near the front of the line sat the Brinks. He felt a nervous rush and wished he'd brought a half pint of whiskey along.

Dustin was perspiring and turning to Jason said, ""Well, this is it. I hope we pull this off!" Jason agreed and told his friend to relax things were going ok. He didn't think the ticket seller would remember anything about the purchase and the boarding should be routine. While they waited they put on their shoulder holsters and light jackets, stashing the masks under the jackets as well. Dustin also stashed the clothes line under his jacket. Fortunately old John had already boarded the ferry several times and determined there was no metal detector for drive on passangers.

Two Delaware River Port Authority officers were stationed at ferry entrance, one on each side of the loading ramp. As Jason pulled the Honda up the cop on the driver's side took Jason's ticket, scanned it, and returned it to Jason. Jason kept his face neutral and Dustin did as well. ""Anything in car I should know about?"" the cop asked Jason.

""No sir," he replied, "just two tired men looking forward to a relaxing journey across the bay."" That was good enough for the cop and he waved them onto the ferry where one of the ferry workers helped Jason position the car. Once parked a block was slipped behind the front wheel to keep the car from rolling. A young woman in an orange vest approached Jason's window. "Good evening fellows, you can stay in the vehicle if you want or go on up to the food court on the second deck. The lido deck is also open if you want a drink." Jason thanked her and rolled up the window. Dustin voiced concern that she'd given him a funny look. "It's just your imagination," Jason assured him, hoping that was true.

Jason didn't plug in the cell phone jammer. They'd all agreed that would wait until Jason returned to the first deck with one of the Brinks men. The two exited the car and made their way to the food court on the second deck. It was 7:50. Jason noted that John would have just started his run and he and Dustin had 30 minutes to kill before they activated the robbery, at which point the ferry would be half way between either shore.

The two ordered some coffee and sat away from the rest of the passengers. To pass the time they talked about how they would spent their takings. Dustin said, ""I want my mom to have a new home. We’ll pay off the old one and I’ll find her a real nice place."" Dustin then went on to tell Jason of the mortgage incident at the Bank of America and how he resolved it. Jason was outraged and leaning towards Dustin quietly said, ""Those bastards will pay for what they tried to do to your mother. Every fucking last one of them. After this heist is over we’ll start planning how to rip them off." Dustin nodded in agreement.

Jason talked of rare books he'e like to acquire. Books he could admire for their age and content. He'd also have a new house built and his rare book collection would have a separate library room of its own. He knew that old John would buy a much better house as well, with his share, and every wall would have shelves for books. Benji would have a room of his own

The two continued chatting Jason noted that the two Brinks men, the driver and his helper had entered the food court. They were ordering coffee and like Jason and Dustin preferred to sit alone, away from the few others taking the last ferry ride of the day. The sun was starting to set on the Delaware side of the bay. Orange, pink, and vermillon colors reflected off the shimmering surface of the water. Under different circumstances it would have been romantic.

At exactly 8;20 Dustin and Jason exchanged a quick glance. "Jason said," I'll meet you on the first deck in 10 minutes.""And Dustin made his way out of the food court to the stairs leading up to the bridge.

As Dustin exited the food court Jason made his way over to the table where the two Brinks men sat. Jason pulled a chair up to the table and faced the two men with a friendly smile saying, ""Hi fellas. I hope you guys don't mind. I've got a little proposition you two gentlemen should really pay attention to."

Before either could respond Jason opened his jacket to reveal the holstered gun and put his hand on the pistol grip as though to pull the pistol out. ""I think the 3 of us need to quietly exit from here and make our way down to the Brinks truck, I don't want either of you to get hurt. I should tell you that even if you were to somehow stop me there are 3 others on board, friends of mine, that will hunt you down and kill you. You have no way of telling who they are. Don't even try. Don't even think about running. If you do, you won't leave this boat alive."

Jason motioned for them to get up. "

""As I said, nobody gets hurt. I want you to stand up together and walk at a normal pace out of here and down to the truck. Take your coffee. Do not try to make a break for it. I will surely gun one of you down on the spot and if the second does manage to somehow get away, it won't be for long. The communication devices on the boat are being disabled, so don't expect help to arrive. Just relax, do exactly what I tell you and things will be ok for you. Remember it's not your money..."

"But we've pleged ourselves to protect it," the one guard objected.

"Pleged? What are you, boy scouts. I know what you're salary is for the job, and no fucking way is it worth dying for. ""

They made their way down to the first deck and immediately to the Honda. Jason lined up the men to one pillar near the car keeping his gun trained on them. With his other hand he felt around for and found the plug for the cell phone blocker that he plugged into the 12 volt receptacle on the dash. With the blocker plugged in he followed closely behind the two men as he walked the two men to the Brinks without incident. As they approached the truck Jason said, "Get this truck opened to the cash. Who drives this truck?"

One man nodded.

Jason hoped that Dustin would be able to get into the bridge and disable the radio equipment. he hoped against hope. Thought he wasn't religious, he considered praying. Was it even rational to assume the Lord would respond to the appeal of a bandit boy?


Dustin made his way up the stairs to the bridge. No one was on the stairs which was a relief. That was the riskiest unknown of the whole operation. If he had to do it he would have captured the intruder and taken him to the bridge up the narrow stairs. It would have only complicated what was already a very risky operation. Reaching the top of the stairs Dustin paused briefly to extract his gun, take out the clothes line, and don the Bruno mask. .  Time for  a little fun

The The captain and his mate were the only two men on the bridge. Both were seated and the captain turned towards the door at the rear of the bridge when he heard Dustin open the door. There was a weather advisory coming through on the radio. The radio had been tuned to the coast guard band that the captain had been listening to. "Thunder storms approaching the cape now 25 nautical miles south east. Boats are cautioned to make their way inland …”

""What? Passengers aren't allowed in here!"" The captain would have continued, but realized the crazy man he saw standing in the doorway was wearing a mask and holding a gun, and a clothesline?

The mate started to stand. ""Hold it there, mate. Sit yourself right back down."" Dustin entered the bridge and began unraveling the clothesline. "You sailors have nothing to worry about as long as you do what I tell you. Let’s start out by your putting your hands behind your backs. I should warn you that I'm a fairly fast draw. I’ll have my hands busy with the rope. However, in less than 3 seconds I can drop the rope, pick up the gun on the floor right in front of me, aim, pull the trigger, and kill you dead. Think about that a while. Is it worth the risk? Can you beat 3 seconds? I should probably also tell you that I'm half decent in martial arts. You know, able to withstand a lot of pain. Fight back. Kill. Even without a gun. Care to try me?"

There were no takers.

After the men were tied to their chairs Dustin examined his watch. "Hmm. 8;25. Still a few minutes to kill."

Dustin looked around for something to smash into the radio. There was a model of a ferry, mostly fabricated of white metal sitting off on a separate table to the side. He picked up       t he model which weighed several pounds, pulled the plug from the radio and smashed the model hard into the radio saying, ""Assuming you fellas get yourselves untied in the next hour or two I don’t recommend you plug this back in.""

""You guys have an intercom? Ah, over there, I see that you do. I’ll be needing that momentarily.""

The three sat in silence until Dustin.s watch read 8:28 pm. Then, Dustin shut off the engines. As the diesels wound down he picked up the microphone for the intercom.

""Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. You may have noticed I’ve shut down the engines of this fine ferry. It will only be for a few minutes and I assure you there is no emergency. I.ve spotted a family of dolphins making headway crossing in front of the ferry. After they pass we will resume our trip. If you want to see the dolphins you can cautiously work your way to the front of the boat."We don't want to hit the dolphins. That would be about the worst thing. Bad luck for all of us."

 The announcement would distract the passengers and most head towards the bow and wouldn.t see John coming to the sterm of the ferry in his boat. But the diversion would only be good for 3 or 4 minutes. He had to move!He ran down the flight of stairs, thinking about the money - more than he'd ever seen - all the way down to the lower deck.

Dustin shed the Bluto mask as he nearly tumbled down the stairs to the first deck. He'd re-holstered his pistol and finally reaching the bow of the lower deck saw Jason holding 3 men with his drawn gun and the money bags. John was just pulling up to the rear of the ferry which was still coasting to a stop. Then his heart sunk as he watched the Brinks guard make a dive for the back of the truck. "Holy shit" he murmered.


Jason turned to the othe guaard r, his pistol fully drawn. "Step aside out of the way where I can still see you. Over there." Jason pointed the gun to where the man was to stand.

‘"You, driver, open the truck now!"" and Jason quickly swiveled the gun between the two men as the truck was opened.

""Now, both of you, move the sacks of cash onto the deck."" As they did so, Jason remembered his Popeye mask and quickly put it on. He kept the little plastic pipe in his pocket.

One of the ferry helpers heard Jason talking and started walking towards the Brinks truck. ""Hell! What’s going on? Why are you guys down here? Hey, what's up with the Popeye mask?"" Then his face turned deathly white when he saw Jason's gun.

Old John was about a quarter mile from the ferry's port stern when he heard what sounded like a gunshot. his heart leaped into his throat as he cut the motor. What the hell, he thought. What the hell? "Oh Jesus Christ," he said aloud, "Jesus Christ." He kept looking around and around the bay in the gathering gloom of evening, as if the murky water held the answer. He thought of turning around and heading back. Maybe the whole idea was just plain stupid. What if he got caught? What would happen to Benji. No one would want him. they'd haul him off to the pound. And then...

"I have to get ahold of myself," he said aloud. I can't leave the boys. it's an honor among thieves thing. They probably fired off a blank anyway. hell, I'm going ahead with it. I've come this far. Cast my fate and all. With his Parodi cigar clenched between his teth He jammed the throttle full speed ahead

Back on the ferry Jason's face was red as a roma tomatoe at the intruder. "Shut the hell up and stand over there you fucking imbecile." Jason angrily pointed the gun to the left of the truck. ""Not another word out of you or I’ll blow your fucking face off!"

The guard nearest the truck took the distraction as an opportunity to reach for a firearm hidden in a compartment at the rear of the vehile. As he swung his loaded arm towards Jason, the latter fired a blank and dove behind a Nissan Xterra that was parked next to him. He felt a pint of raw adrenaline spray into his brain. His vision blurred as his heart raced and skipped. he fired another useless blank. Just then he watched the guard's legs go out from under him as Dustin tackled him with brute force. The guard's gun went spinning and sliding towards the ferry's stern until it came to rest under a seafood truck. Jason felt relief flood his body. he rushed to retrieve the guard's gun while dustin held his own gat on the guards. His hands were shaking.

"Ok, lets finish this," Jason said as he heard the motor of John's boat idling at the port stern. In a second the old man's face showed above the gunwale. "Are we ready, boys?" he shouted with a nervous grim.

After the cash was loaded onto the boat jason and Dustin took the rope and tied the guards to the frame of their truck. They grabbed all the weapons from within and took off for the stern where they deftly jumped into the speedboat with John at the wheel. With the wind in their hair and saltspray in their faces, the crew of three took off up the bay towards East Point and their waiting ride through the pines.