Welcome fans of bank thefts, heists, and robberies. This is the only true and official source for complete information on Jason Bell and his crew who operated throughout the Southwest from  1992-2002.

The story begins with Jason's birth in 1945 and ends with his first incarceration and subsequent escape from the Federal Penatentary in Tucson Arizona. Official reports indicate that Jason was subsequently recaptured at Big Nose Kate's Saloon in Tombstone and returned to the prison in Tucson.  However, contrary evidence will be presented here. 

                                              Note on the narration

A number of sources have been used to compile this story, including interviews with Jason's friends and former neighbors, his brother, girlfriends and former wives, teachers, members of his crew and others, and also from letters which Jason himself wrote.

In order to dispel any rush to judgement by the reader it should be pointed out that Jason never carried a loaded firearm nor did his crew, and their intention was never to injure anyone. 

Rumors to the effect that much of the bank's stolen money was donated to various human rights organizations and environmental groups is true. The names of these organizations will never be part of the public record, otherwise the federal government could demand that money be returned to them, presumably in order to hand it over to brokerage houses on Wall Street.